23 July 2024

Realme Leads Among Young Smartphone Enthusiasts in India

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Realme has emerged as the top choice for young smartphone users in India, outpacing competitors with a significant approval rating of 58% among the 16 to 25 age group. This finding, established by Counterpoint Research, highlights the growing popularity of the brand, surpassing Xiaomi and Vivo, which have favorability ratings of 54% and 53% respectively.

The key to Realme’s success lies in its alignment with the priorities of young Indians when it comes to selecting smartphones. These users prioritize value for money, cutting-edge technology, and quality, which influence their purchasing decisions by 25%, 18%, and 16%, respectively.

Realme’s strategic branding, focusing on themes of youth, modernity, fashion, and speed, resonates well with the inclinations of the Indian market. Additionally, the brand maintains a strong influence among Indian consumers seeking options below ₹20,000, indicative of the value-conscious and tech-savvy nature of its customer base.

Despite market fluctuations, Realme has maintained a formidable presence, holding a 12.5% market share and securing the third spot in India, according to an IDC report on the smartphone market in 2023.

With the growing trend of informed and demanding young consumers in India, Realme’s focused offerings continue to lead in meeting the demand for affordable yet high-tech smartphones.

Key Questions and Answers:

What factors have contributed to Realme’s popularity among young Indian consumers?

Realme’s popularity stems from its focus on value for money, providing cutting-edge technology and quality devices. Additionally, its strategic branding, aligned with themes of youth, modernity, fashion, and speed, has resonated well with young Indian consumers.

How does Realme’s market share compare to its competitors?

As of 2023, Realme holds a 12.5% market share in India, placing it third behind brands like Xiaomi and Samsung.

What is the preferred price range for Realme customers in India?

Realme successfully captures the segment of Indian consumers looking for smartphones priced below ₹20,000, indicating its focus on serving value-conscious and tech-savvy customers.

Key Challenges or Controversies:

Market Competition: Realme faces intense competition from other smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, and Vivo, which also target the value-for-money segment.

Brand Differentiation: With the smartphone market flooded with numerous brands, Realme must constantly innovate to differentiate its offerings and maintain its appeal among the youth.

Quality Control: As Realme continues to focus on affordability, ensuring consistent quality in its products to maintain customer satisfaction and brand reputation is crucial.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Realme’s Strategy:


Price Sensitivity: Realme’s attention to affordability meets the budget constraints of young Indians, making technology more accessible.

Market Understanding: Realme’s focus on features valued by young Indians (e.g., technology, design) closely aligns with consumer demands, giving it a competitive edge.

Brand Perception: By positioning itself as a youth-centric brand, Realme enjoys a positive and relevant brand image among its target audience.


Sustainability: With evolving technology and design trends, maintaining the brand’s position by continuously aligning with buyers’ preferences can be challenging.

Profit Margins: Serving the value segment often means tighter profit margins, which could affect the brand’s long-term financial sustainability.