Were the predictions we made about climate change 20 years ago accurate? Here’s a look

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It is not easy to predict about anything accurately. When it comes to give any sort of prediction regarding the climate change then it is quite impossible to believe that any prediction can be done in 2000 for the year 2020. Twenty years ago, the prediction was made that if people continued to add fossil fuels then and there will be a decline in the Arctic sea and also the sea levels will rise and precipitation patterns will be e adopted.
According to the current situation, the prediction that was made in the year 2000 is now seemed to be true. Let’s take a look at the climate change indicators given for the upcoming year 2020.
Carbon dioxide
According to the scientists, for the global warming, carbon dioxide is the most responsible greenhouse gas. As per the details given in the statistics, there is a there is a 15% rise in the carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere in last 27 years.
Sea level rise
According to the details gathered the global sea level has risen on an average of 2.9 millimeters per year. This rise has been continued since 1992 and now it has reached 78.3 millimeters. In the past two to three decades, the ice sheets have lost trillion tonnes of ice.
Weather disasters
Due to the dramatic issues and increments in the weather, there is several unpredictable weather disasters occurred in recent years. It have been recorded that these weather disasters will going to be increased in the upcoming years as well. According to the statistics given, per year there is an average of 7.8 such disasters.
Global temps rising
Twenty years ago, the global climate models on the right track but now the global temperatures are increasing continuously and also it is accumulating the atmosphere as well.
Droughts and wildfires
Due to the climatic changes and the dramatic disasters, their chances of droughts and wildfires have also been enhanced from 1990. The wildfires in USA was around 3.3 million acres in the 1990 and according to the statistics availed in 2018 it has increased up to 7.6 million acres.