US on high alert for North Korea ‘Christmas surprise’ as Bolton Slam trump

26Dec - by cl - 0 - In NEWS

High alert: US have got this surprise from North Korea by saying that he is on high alert for signs of missile launch from North Korea in upcoming days. They say, this would be a Christmas gift from their side.
US is going under high pressure and the statement from John Bolton had come on President trump. When he (former national security adviser) appeared in an interview, with Axios did not say nice words for him over his working ways (administration).
In a moment of pressure, let see hwo this situation gets controlled. In this month, the North had held what U.S officials say that it was just an engine test.
However, from the sides of expert this has stated that this may have an engine involved for a long range missile. Now US do not have that much time on the negotiations and may be Trump is late to talk on it.
The way trump is running his administration US may find itself with so many problems. This is obviously not a surprise that if this missile is released on US, then US will have to bear the consequences.
Now Trump will have to decide on a wise move to stop that missile otherwise, he will be put with so many questions. He has already been in trouble due to many recent scandals now this would surely make him worry.
On the other hand, if nuclear negotiations could be rekindled by talking then this might save lots of things for US. Experts have suggested that there might be missile in it, which would bring blunder to people. Let see what decision takes President of America and how he saves his own people from another trap or you can say alert.