Reunion of kidnapped baby and father

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Austin, Texas, where a baby girl was kidnapped along with her mother but found a week later. The baby was found with a slain body of his mother 160 kilometres away from their Texas.
Heidi Broussard was last seen on December 12, nearby her hometown of Austin. But since then she disappeared along with baby. But on this Friday, she was found dead and the baby girl was brought back home safely.
Incipiently, she was taken into the custody of Texas child protective services. And she was sent home back on Monday.
Texas Department of the child Protective services spokeswoman Tiffani Butler notified Tuesady that this baby girl was reunited along with her family on Monday night.
When they found this girl and her mother’s body, police took into under their investigation and later identified by Harris county Institute of Forensic science. They informed police that this was due to strangulation.
On the other hand, a suspect was found for the impeachment of kidnapping and tampering along with a corpse. However, the police did not tell anything about the guilty and refused to reveal his identity.
The suspect will have to pay Tuesday on $600, 000 bonds.
However, investigation is going on and the case will be taken to the court and justice will be done to the child and the lost of one live. These cases have become normal in Texas but it also become necessary to put halt in it.
However, found suspect is still unknown by the public because police wants to keep it private. They did not tell anything that whether they would reveal about them or not.
Father of child sighed on getting his daughter back but going through pain because of loss of life of his wife. May both the person gets justice is wish of everyone!