Letter ‘O’ got sued badly by Sports Company

26Dec - by cl - 0 - In NEWS

Now, Sport Company is sharing an ugly fight with Ohio State University over using of the letter ‘O’. A high school basketball and football had this O with the sloping corners as their logo. And ohio State had already warned the company for suing the logo but this company did not. Allegation was that the logo is very much similar to each other (from the ohio state’s) octagonal ‘block O’ letter.
They told about the significance of their logo and how both of the logo resembles to each other. Ohio tells about the logo that there are number of legal and non- perplexing uses of the letter ‘O’. So whenever people see this ‘O’ logo they associate this along with Ohio State.
But with time this sports company denied with ohio state’s position. On Monday they went for federal lawsuit in the New York City asking that the university is forbidden from using the logo. If they do not stop here, they will have to bear a heavy loss for it.
However, number of O marks is there, O- formative marks, and O designs in the use by the third parties in connection in the relation of goods and services. So this might confuse people even though because of its huge number of utility. Ohio State works for the university, meaning they are helping them out with protecting its brand and trademarks. Logo is one of important thing for each one and they help in making reputation for any university and expanding.
But opinion always varies with person to person and situation to situation. Now let see, what happens next with the letter O. Until yet, the statement of Sports company has not come, their opinion also becomes important. Although, ohio has many times warned many for using O letter.