In Which Way Puzzle Games Are Good?

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There are plenty of games that are available to play among the various different types of games puzzle game is one of the important part in which we have enjoyed in our childhood days. We all love in playing puzzle games since it helps to stimulate our nervous system and this puzzle game start acting as brain teasers.

For a brain to function in a healthy way best puzzle games are necessary it will surely stimulate the brain cells in human system. Individuals who spend most of the time in online for those people online puzzle games will refresh their mind then and then so in this content let’s discuss in detail how the puzzles are working and how should you consider the puzzle games.                        veriety of puzzles                                                                                                            Puzzles are of different varieties and they are very interesting to play which includes trivia puzzles, riddles, math puzzles, logic puzzles, pattern guessing and many more.

Best puzzle games for IOS and Android

Brain it on

It is a suitable personal application in which you can challenge your brain and it is one of the simplest games you have different level to reach in this game. It is designed in the horizontal format just open the application search for the level and start playing the game. Before starting the game you can choose the shapes of your choices. It is the best application that helps you to increase the concentration of the brain.

Two dots

Two dots puzzle game is here you have to connect the dots in the way they meet each other the connection between the two dots are formed to give you an exciting puzzle. Once the game started you can choose the first level of the game which will easily help you to win more and more levels. You can connect the dots vertically, horizontally or from right angle but the only problem is you cannot connect them diagonally. The most you should think and connect the dots within your target level. Initial level will be little easier to get practiced and then the following levels will become little tough to check the activity of your brain.

Monument valley

It is also one of the excellent puzzle video game that is used to increase the characterization of the brain and here you have different levels which are one of the interesting 3D games. The only drawback in this game is it is a paid application.

All that remains part 1

It is an escape type of puzzle game players in a bunker have to find out something that is going to happen and there to search in every room which will be filled with bunch of puzzles. You can also communicate with the other characters buy two way radio systems and you can easily escape from the room by this developer.

Bubble spinner

Here you will have different bubbles with variety of colors and you have to try hitting the bubbles to match the same color. You can use various options to bounce the bubbles to receive to the right area.