Top rated action games for iOS device 

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Playing game increases so many things such as improved motor skills, enriched social skills and better problem solving techniques etc. today, the role of game in the society has raised as great source of entertainment. But sometimes this happen, those games do not work on iOS.
Marvel contest of champions – Superhero combat are so famous among people and marvel contest of champion is famous. Although, the game is free of cost but it takes on the Marvel super villain, kang-The Conqueror. The game perfectly fits into the list of superhero fans.
Modern combat 5 Blackout – It is a realistic version of the first- person shooter iOS series. The game is super fun as it renders the novel ideas that even contribute great entertainment to the users. The graphics of the game is impressive along with multiplayer mode. Game also offers customizable options; modern combat 5 is one of the best first- person shooter games for your iPhone and iPad.
Shadow Fight 2 – The shadow fight 2 is one of terrific fusion of the RPG and classic gugjitng. Game is full of lethal weapons and powerful armour sets, because in the game, boss are full of evil nature. On the other hand, the game is perfect for the iOS devices.
Sonic Dash 2 – Sonic Dash 2 falls under the adventurous category, so the game is perfect for those who are looking for fast paced game. This is such type of game which can be played by anyone, even who is fresher. Highlight of this game is its 3D features.
Lost in harmony – This is one of interesting game and its feature is that it can be played in the form of story. The game renders the story of M.I.R.A.I, a robot and this whole incident is told via new courses. Highlight of the game is that, it let people design their own courses, create own music and they can even share these with the community.
Pokemon Rumble Rush – The game has been introduced via franchise but fits for the list of iOS devices. Highlight of the game is that, it can be enjoyed by any group of people.
Iron Man 2 – So we all are aware of this name. Who is not fan of this game? Players have to cross all the 8 levels which is indeed an achievement to cross them. On the other hand, the game is full of adventure which makes it best in the category of adventurous games.
Final words
These are some of names which fit easily pretty well for the iOS devices. Number of games can be opted which is full of entertainment. Anyone who has android device they can go and download them with the help of Play store. The games are nice and give joy while we play. There are some other names such as Hero of Sparta; James cameron’s avatar the Game, Mass Effect Infiltrator, shooter and the Official movie game gives you a nice choice.