iPad vs. Android tablet, which one you should buy?

3Jan - by cl - 0 - In Technology

For more than 2 decades, Android Tablets are most popular across the global market while Apple launches its iPad device. It is much easier for Apple to launch the iPad since; it has already dominated the marketplace with its iPhone device that runs on the iOS operating system. iPad makes it big instantly and most of the people are a fan of tablets. It is so handy, comfortable, and even equipped with numerous features when compared to a laptop.
Similar to Apple, Android Tablets from Google was also the most popular and growing at a faster pace. Today both iPad & Tablets give brutal competition to each other. Moreover, Android & iOS are the most important tablets operating systems across the globe and holds around 85% of the entire market together. Apple has able to manage its market value and able to achieve around 44 million iPad users.
However, Android tablets are continuously grooming the marketplace with 62% around the globe. Now, it is a big challenge for the users to choose the best one that can offer immense benefits for them. You can find below the list of key area differences of both iPad and Android tablets.
iPad vs. Tablet – Key Areas Difference
You can find numerous available apps on the iPad when compared to the compatible apps available in Android tablets.
Android tablets will have fewer features when compared to iPad and it depends on the user’s expectations and requirements.
iPad does not include a Multitasking feature. Android Tablets includes true multitasking features and able to work on one application and access other applications to execute in the background.
Shock-wave or Flash videos are not supported in the iPad. In case if you prefer to watch Flash videos, play Flash games, or access the Flash-based websites then you may experience problems while working on an iPad. However, it is much easier to use the most popular software to access online videos.
iPad device will execute on Apple’s iOS (operating system) and Google’s tablet will work on Android OS.
Most of the Android devices with different features, functions, specifications, and touchscreen are referred to as Android tablets while Apple’s tablet version is referred to as an iPad.

Design: iPad vs. Android Tablet
Most of the users accepted iPad’s from Apple Company with its tablet design. You can get the eye-catching design, thin, and sleek with many Pro models. However, it may not offer the spectacular looks. They retain the same Home button but it is essential to improve their aesthetics while following the approach from the iPhone X model. The users can get the real mixed bag while using Android tablets. When compared with the bargain basement of Android tablets, the range of devices from the Samsung Galaxy Tab will offer less appealing looks.
You need to spend more money to get the best tablet that can execute well and as well as appear better. However, iPad is looking great when compared with the Android tablets. There are few Google-powered models that are cheerful approach & cheap devices such as Lenovo & Asus. For sure, you can get nice-looking tablets like Pixel C, but Google is no more selling this product.