Best technology to learn in 2020

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Nowadays, technology has enhanced a lot and the trends are emerging continuously. Now, technology is replacing the human and resulting in the superhuman proficiencies. Now, we are stepping towards the year 2020 and there is several amazing technology trends that we must learn to deal with all the situations with perfections and in the best manner. In the recent years, we have learnt a lot about technology and there are several amazing trends that have created their own importance in our life. However, the race is not completed yet. Till now, there are several amazing technologies have been introduced that are required to be learnt to make 2020 more amazing. So here are some of the Best technologies that you must learn in 2020.
Artificial intelligence                                                                                                                     Among the Best technologies, artificial intelligence is placed at the top. It is rightly stated that computers and desktops are brilliantly working and examining without having any intervention from human. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, the features of computers have also been enhanced. Several amazing contributors of artificial intelligence have been involved for example the Google Assistant and the Siri as well. The major key feature of artificial intelligence is that it is providing more automation in various industries including face recognition, analysis of data, cyber security, emotion quotes for advertisements for marketing, market shares and several others.
Internet of things                                                                                                                           The internet of thing is absolutely going to be the best profession and also one should learn about it in 2020. There are several applications and devices and appliances including the cars, home appliances, and other devices that are connected with the motive to exchange data just through internet. Additionally, it is expected that in 2020 more than 30 million IoT devices will be introduced. By learning IoT it will become easier for the individual to have the right skills related to Data analytics, device knowledge, cloud computing and others. The major key feature of IoT technology is that the healthcare and the automobile and the retail industry will be highly benefited due to this. It is predicted that in the year 2020, the IoT technology will reach more than 9 billion dollar users.

Edge computing
One of the top technologies that you must learn in 2020 is edge computing. The edge computing technology is expanding its rank and maturity amazingly. It is going to be interesting for all the customers who use the edge computing technology. The best part about edge computing is that it makes the management of data is here and also the users can easily avoid the network latency. The major feature of this technology is its capability of reaching a high audience. Majorly, other retailing, healthcare and manufacturing industries are getting benefit from this technology.
Block chain
It is one of the top technologies that you must learn in 2020. Block chain is a digital record utilization that helps in recording the transactions. It is one of the secure and safest methods due to its encoded and regionalized nature. If you learn block chain technology in 2020 then it will definitely help you in sharing of transferring the records easily without having any privacy threats. Additionally it will also help you in upgrading your supply chain management and also prevent you from the frauds.
So, these are some of the Best technologies that you must learn in the year 2020. The world is getting advanced day by day and so the technology is. In order to be in the competition it is important to use a right technology in the right manner.