Best Studio Headphones

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Headphones will serve numerous surprising purposes for everyone. It is a better and easiest way to enjoy more accurate and detailed listening without any requirement to fill your favorite room with sound. For others, the headphones are just referred to as an analytical tool.
A certain quality is mainly used to study the track mix or arrangements of instruments with dissecting within the room recording. The best studio headphones will offer the studio level accuracy which is also named as reference headphones to provide the best audiophile-grade listening.
Best Studio Headphones 2019
Find below the list of best studio headphones 2019 for your reference:
AKG K702
K702 product is one of the best and most popular ones from AKG’s K7 series of Studio headphones. It is related to the upper or middle class and the best option to use. This product comes with an interesting design, super-lightweight construction, and minimalistic. It also includes self-adjusting and simple headband without the padding feature. With your expectations, this is one of the best and most comfortable studio headphones that work much better.
The open-back construction with the earcups sport design can easily go over your ears. Even the pads are easily shaped and also super soft to wear. With regards to the sound department, it has a bright side along with a flat response. It is very clean and also highly detailed. AKG K702 can deliver balanced sound across the available frequency spectrum. This product is much oriented towards the mixing feature with the help of its open-back construction.
Fantastic to mix the duties.
Very comfortable.
Super lightweight.
Somewhat expensive.
A little bit sturdier.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
Beyerdynamic is the German-based and heavyweight products for the arena of studio headphones with competing legends such as Sennheiser and Shure. The price for DT 990 Pro product will be ranged within the middle-class level and delivers the professional class of performance to its users. The DT series with the characteristic feature of DT 990 Pro will offer 3 special impedance options. The offered levels are 600, 250, and 30Ω.
The variants such as 600 & 250Ω are specially designed as studio headphones and 32Ω is designed for everyday listening. With the help of zero isolation and open-back construction, this headphone can offer the environment-free sound bleed. It is undesirable when used for recording. The combination of a well-balanced tone and a wide sound stage will deliver the best choice for mixing.
High-quality sound.
Fantastic to mix the tasks.
Very comfortable and lightweight.
Not much usable for recording.
Non-detachable cable.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro is one of the best and most popular studio headphones from Sennheiser. It is commonly referred to as studio-oriented and affordable headphones. This is one of the closed backset models that come with closed-back design, flat response, and excellent noise reduction (up to a maximum of 32dB). These oriented characteristics will offer the best recording studio headphones for your recording purposes.
The product weighs around 285 grams and much easier to wear with comfortable prolonged periods. It has a nice touch with comfy ear pads and non-foldable construction. HD 280 Pro has a heavy and coiled cable. Neodymium magnets with big dynamic drivers will offer high SPL (volume), coupled with low impedance, and highly sensitive.
Better sound quality.
Comfortable to wear.
Good for both mixing and recording.
Heavy Cord.
A little bit sturdier foam across the pads.