Best Security Apps for iOS Devices

21Jan - by cl - 0 - In Technology

There is nothing more painful while losing the confidential and important data that are required for your daily activities. The data loss either through the hackers or losing your mobile device will make you face psychological and huge financial dent.
To overcome this situation, it is essential for having mechanisms and security apps in your iOS devices. You can find numerous security apps available across the online platform for iOS users. Find below a list of few security apps that offer various features to deter the hackers to gain access to your confidential data.
Best Phone Security Pro
This app will assist the user to protect their iOS device with the passcode protection from any unauthorized users. This application will offer the main purpose of capturing the user image while entering the wrong passcode.
Alarm – For spying purposes, you can record your own and set the same as an alarm.
Alert – It will capture or save the user image while entering the wrong password or even store the photos to the cloud like Dropbox, etc.
Duo Mobile
Duo Mobile is another best and free security app that works based on the two-factor authentication service. For login, you can generate the password and also security codes. This security app can be used for iOS devices like iPod, iPad, and iPhone devices.
Security Checkup – This is specially designed for both Android & iOS operating systems. It allows users to maintain the device’s security protection.
One-tap & Easy Authentication – Now login is much secure and easier with Due Mobile. You can generate a one-time passcode for login access.
Kaspersky browser
Kaspersky browser is another iPhone security app and specially designed & developed by the Kaspersky Lab. Currently, this security application is available for various devices running iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows operating systems. It can also be utilized for employees & kids monitoring systems to track their online access.
Web protection – The users are protected from numerous harmful web threats like malicious links, phishing attacks, adult content, Cyberbullying, Predators, and even other threats.
App Lock – Similar to other security apps or tools, users can lock any application or software on their devices. It is easily protected using the password, pattern, and passcode.
360 Mobile Security
360 Mobile Security is another best security apps designed for both Android and iOS operating systems. This is an all-in-one security app that includes various powerful features like antivirus support, smart speed booster, and power cleaner.
Junk File cleaner – If you are experiencing latency on your mobile phone then you can utilize the 360 mobile security app to remove the unwanted cache memory date from your mobile phone to make it faster performance.
Harmful program remover – You can protect your device using the Virus removal tool from various harmful threats like vulnerabilities, adware, Trojan, and malware.
Battery saver – This 360 mobile security smart battery functionality will check the battery draining redundant apps and kills the same for better performance.
Note Lock
Note Lock another best and free security app designed only for iOS devices like iPad, iPod, and iPhone. This could be the best app, in case if you a lecturer or business owner. Note writing is one of the main purposes to utilize this app. Most of the journalists will use this app for creating a love letter, an interview, and many more.
Customization – Similar to other security apps, users are allowed to personalize these apps with a gesture, font style, themes, and many more. It is also possible to download their favorite themes from their official theme store.
Lock screen – Users are allowed to protect any specific app by using a password. Password protection includes Folder lock, Pin lock, Pattern lock, Password lock, inactive lock system, and Lock system.