Best RPG games for android

21Jan - by cl - 0 - In Technology

Gaming platforms are being very advanced nowadays. Multiple types of games have been launched, and people are being addicted to it as well. You can take the example of RPG games. RPG stands for role-playing games. These are the games in which the player will assume the roles of characters and will play the game further on as he has adapted the character.
Here some of the best RPG games for android are mentioned which player can go for. These are:-
1. Another Eden:
This game is written by the same guy who wrote about Chrono Trigger, and the composer is the same as well. In this game, the players are looking forward to saving their sisters from some bad guys. The comeback mechanics used in this game are simple, and the game is designed very beautifully as well. This game comes up with a premium price tag. This game is quite different from other RPG games design for mobile phones.
2. Beamdog (six games):
This is one of those games which has been developed to specialize the porting the old PC RPGs. Those who are looking forward to those games from which they will have a casual experience must go and play this game. But while you are looking forward to playing this game, it is a suggestion that you must go for tablets. This will provide you a larger control over the game. You are supposed to pay $9.99 each for this game.
3. Doom and destiny advanced:
This game is known to be the sequel, prequel, and the reboot of the original Doom and destiny game. In this game, there are multiple characters available that are resemblance in with the original ones. The storyline is completely different compared to the processes of this game. The player is supposed to pay $2.99 for this game. Also, this game is available with an online co-op mode and is perfect for all those who are the fans of retro.
4. Eternium: Mage and Minions:
This is among those games which are known to be for free to play RPG. You can play this game offline as well. Multiple storylines and concepts are linked with it in which you will find out battling robots, diamonds, skeletons, balance, beast, and many others, and you will find out multiple different features in this game. But when you reach the end, you will feel like it is fun playing this game.
5. Exiled kingdoms:
This is a single-player action RPG. In this game, you will find out that you have to save the world from many things, including horror, which has been left by the previous cataclysm. As you upgrade your character in other RPGs, you can do the same in this particular game as well. You will be able to understand the complete story and explore the world around you. This is available in the free and paid version. The free version will help you to understand the game, and when you pay the amount, the full version of it will get unlocked. You are supposed to pay $4.99.
These are considered to be the best RPG you can have in your Android and will play them whenever you feel for you have nothing to do.