Alternative Truecaller apps

18Jan - by cl - 0 - In Technology

Truecaller has made a great market and has gained lots of popularity because of its unique services. When truecaller was launched it was one of the first apps to launch phone calls ID. Since Truecaller stored too much data and information which makes it heavy and cause lots of battery drainage in a smartphone. There are many different alternatives than Truecaller which allows many different updates features and options. Let’s just check them out.

1. Whoscall

Whoscall is one the best caller ID app which provides different features and the app is much more easy to handle, unlike others. Whoscall is available on both Android and iOS devices. Everyone is now shifting to whoscall with downloaded more than 65 million. Whoscall has a repository of more than a billion numbers. The best part of whoscall is that it provides an offline database. The offline database allows many users to identify who is calling! This feature is not there in Truecaller. Other features of whoscall are like blocking spam calls or blocking of specific numbers whoscall also checks unknown numbers search to track unknown numbers and more.

2. Showcaller

Another wonderful app as the alternative of Truecaller is showcaller. The best part of this app is that it takes literally less space than any other Caller ID app i.e. Only 4 MB. The app provides the most simple steps and system. Showcaller app identifies most of the unknown calls. It also shows larger details of caller ID info on incoming calls in it which shows the names and photos of the person. The showcaller app blocks almost every spam caller. The app also provides faster T9 dialer for better and quick search through the contacts. Some other features of the show all app are number search, offline database, built-in call recorder, and many more.

3. Hiya

Hiya app formerly also known as Whitepages Caller ID that is Hiya app is very much capable caller ID app which identifies the calls which you want to take or which caller ID you want to block and the texts you want to avoid. The best feature of Hiya app is that it is absolutely free of cost and doesn’t even show any ads whereas other apps ask you to take premium packs or to pay some amounts. Other features are like it identifies unknown numbers, allows you to search for unknown numbers and automatically blocks the spam calls.

4. CallApp

Call App has many features which solve many different purposes. Unlike other caller ID app, it not only identifies the caller ID but also have the ability to record the call. The call app allows the user to record the call for both incoming and outgoing. Of course, being the caller ID app it’s the main function is to provide caller ID of the caller other than this calling app also provides spam blocking features. Only the things which lower the rating than others caller ID app like true caller call App also consumes more battery. But call app is still liked by many users as the alternative of true caller because it allows the user to record the call.