Xiaomi is crafting a Smartphone with almost 108MP Camera

Xiaomi, one of the leading smartphone manufacturer company, has a new patent of the smartphone featuring a 108MP camera with an extendable lens. A new Xiaomi patent has just leaked, and it rumors with a. Large 108MP camera. It shows screen running almost around the smartphone. Well, the smartphone looks pretty interesting.

Now starting from the display, the device wraps around the front of the smartphone to the back. You’ll see a small gap, and the other screen actually starts. Now, the second screen on the back of the smartphone actually works as the viewfinder and thus allows the rear camera to work as the selfie camera. Now, this isn’t the Xiaomi’s first smartphone to come with the wrap-around display, they have come up with the Mi Mix Alpha.

The main highlight of the device’s design is the camera on the back featuring multiple lenses, sensors, and a 108MP camera. Moreover, having the moving lens raises a lot of questions such as is it a water-resistance or does it durable enough and more. Well, you need to wait until the Xiaomi release the smartphone and also the issues of the device.

For this patent app, the photos clicked by the smartphone are quite detailed, suggesting that this device may be further along than a lot of leaks. Since the smartphone is a patent, there are chances that the phone never actually watches out the light of the day. Sooner or later, we are going to feature all the Xiaomi patents soon when it comes out.

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