White House press secretary releases Donald Trump statement on India and China Peace.

US President Donald Trump is the only president to account for India as an ally and as a great friend to the United States of America. Before Donald Trump, Presidents like Clinton, Obama, and Bush Senior did not openly call India a friend because they did not want to disturb their relationship with China. However, Donald Trump openly calls Prime Minister Narendra Modi a great friend.

A press conference that took place on Thursday told press reporters that He(Trump) claims to love both the people of India and China and will do everything to protect the peace and integrity of both the nations. The statement was released on Thursday by White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Over the past few months, the president of the United States has come out as a real India. Donald Trump has shown his full support to India over the conflict that occurred in the eastern Ladakh region of India. The dispute started when Chinese troops killed 20 Indian Soldiers in the Line of actual control. However, India took retaliatory steps to show China that such behaviors will not suppress them.

Before the situation, when there was no ongoing pandemic, the president of the United States of America took the last foreign trip of India, where Donald Trump was mesmerized by the great reception by Indian people.

Donald Trump is a great friend to Narendra Modi, and both the world leaders have a great talk about various issues. Donald Trump says we both are the world’s largest democracies, and we both are growing nations. As an ally to the country of the United States, we will do anything that protects the integrity of India. He also said that China has been aggressive over the past few months with India, and these kinds of behaviors would not be accepted.

Modi and Trump share a super relationship, and both the nations stand for each other in terms of need, says O’Brien.

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