Vishnu Surya Wagh Back After Recovering In A Hospital For 7 Months

After spending 7-months in a hospital in Mumbai recovering, Vishnu Surya Wagh, the former Deputy Speaker for the Legislative Assembly and the former MLA for St. Andre is back in Goa.

Vishnu Wagh had suffered a massive heart attack on May 15 of last year for which he was admitted in Goa Medical College (GMC) and discharged, but then again after three months on August 15 he was admitted to GMC when he complained of uneasiness. When his condition deteriorated he was airlifted to Mumbai and admitted in a hospital in the city, where he was given medical treatment and was recovering since.

His wife Aruna posted his photos from the hospital on a social networking site just last month. They were the first of Vishnu Surya Wagh’s pictures after his condition stabalised.