The President already made his intentions clear when the first spike of Coronavirus hit the nation. Now, he has made his intentions clear to everyone and claimed WHO for the wake of Coronavirus. Trump has been continuously accusing the Chinese government and the WHO of the rise and outbreak of Coronavirus.

The intentions of the President are apparent, despite the reasoning and explanation from the EU and others, Trump claims to move out WHO and redirect the funds elsewhere.

The spokesman of the US secretary-general, St├ęphane Dujarric, confirmed that the US had notified withdrawal on the effective date of 6th July 2020. However, the removal could take a year, but the intentions are made clear to the US and members of Congress.

One of the leading democrats, Senator Robert Menendez, wrote on Twitter that Congress had received the notification of POTUS officially withdrawing the US from WHO in the middle of a pandemic.

Another important detail about the US withdrawing from WHO, a senior US administrator, told the CBS news that they detailed the reforms and wanted direct influence over the work, which was denied by WHO. The refusal of the act reciprocated the US withdrawing its funding and terminating a relationship with WHO.

The US contributes almost 400million dollars in the year 2019, which is approximately 15% of the total budget. However, Joe Biden, who is running for the presidential election against Donald Trump in November, tweeted that on his first day as President of the United States, he will rejoin the World Health Organization and proclaim the US as the leader in the world Stage.

However, the actions of Donald Trump are justified. He deliberately asked to improve the working of WHO in early April. He wanted WHO to make substantial improvements in which the WHO failed and refused the act of reform. All this resulted in halting the fundings from the US.

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