Traffic police not wearing a name tag to be suspended

Traffic police Goa

Traffic police will not only improve the traffic discipline of the public but also of the force. In an effort to makes its personnel more disciplined the traffic cell of Goa police are framing guidelines to be followed while on duty. Display of name tags will be compulsory.

“There are several issues, and need for standard operating procedure covering aspects like patrolling, dealing with traffic violators, professional conduct, uniform, administrative work, etc. As an immediate necessity, we have issued instructions not to conceal the uniform nameplate,” Superintendent of (Traffic) Police Devesh Kumar Mahla told Herald.

“Whether intentionally or unintentionally, we won’t tolerate indiscipline and as such the personnel are directed to wear nameplate on their uniform, and it should be visible. This will help us identity the personnel in any situation,” he added.

Until now no such complaints have been registered with the department. Mahla further added that those who violated the instruction will be suspended immediately. Director General of Police Muktesh Chander will be sent the proposal first and then it will be sent to the State government.
Image credit: Graham Beards