Tourism Minister Requests To Increase Reservation Quota For Dalit Community

On the eve of “Baba” Bhimrao Ambedkar’s 126th Birth Anniversary on Friday, Tourism Minister Manohar Azgaonkar and Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar addressed a gathering in Panaji. A local english daily reportedly revealed that Azgaonkar alleged, while speaking to the gathering that officers from the Dalit community are discriminated upon by the government and also requested Parrikar to increase the reservation quota for the community in Goa.

Seeking the Chief Minister’s attention on issues faced by the Dalit community, Azgaonkar said, “There are some officers from the community who are in various senior positions, if they go wrong, correct them and keep them at the position that they are. But, don’t take revenge over them and suppress them.”

Responding to the Tourism Minister’s allegation and request, the Parrikar, assured that he will ensure that there is no discrimination from his office and that it is the work that people do that matters and not the caste. The Chief Minister said, “If the minister feels that there is any injustice meted out to anyone, he should bring it to my notice. I do not look at any person from the caste or any other position except for the person’s work. However, except those who have done grave wrongs, I have helped everyone irrespective of whether they have voted me or not.”

Advocating for additional quota for the Dalit community, Azgaonkar had earlier stated, “I’m pained that despite making sacrifices to safeguard our religion by facing lot of hardships, whenever we are given opportunities and reservations, there are people who feel pinched.”

Then directing his request to the Chief Minister he said, “It is my request to the Chief Minister that the reservation quota which has been slashed, at least in Goa, we should get more.”