Three cops found allegedly ‘drinking’ while on duty, beer bottles found on site

Goa policemen caught drinking on duty

Three cops were allegedly found to be drinking while on duty in Margao. They were caught in the act by the locals when the three cops were on the night shift and in a PCR van of the Goa police. After being confronted by the locals, the three policemen admitted to have consumed alcohol and were alleged to be drunk. The higher authorities were informed by the locals and a Police Sub-inspector (PSI) was rushed to the site.

The incident came to light when a local resident noticed young boys carrying alcohol to the police van. Upon the suspicion he called famous singer and radio personality Siddhanath Buyao to the site. Buyao on his arrival noticed the cops disposing the bottles and confronted them. Buyao then made a call to the local Police Inspector (PI), who sent a PSI to the site to investigate the matter.

In the meanwhile, the three policemen are alleged to have admitted to the indiscipline while on duty to the locals and asked to be let go. The locals later raised their concern about the various robberies that have taken place in Margao to the media and blamed the lax attitude of such policemen for it. After arriving on the site, the PSI recovered alcohol bottles from the site.

All India Congress Committee (AICC) secretary Girish Chodankar expressed his amusement over the incident in which, the people are catching the police in the wrong. He asked strict action to be taken against the three to send a strong message against any undisciplined behaviour in the force.

Image credit: InGoa