Passengers of Tejas express left: Damaged LCDs, stolen headphones and dirty toilets

Tejas express, the super-fast Semi-luxury train launched on May 22 didn’t have the expected first trip it expected. On its return journey it was reported that the train was littered, headphones were stolen, LCD screens at the back of the passenger seats were damaged and toilets were left unclean.

“The headphones were distributed just after the journey commenced. There wasn’t an announcement to return the headphones because we expected passengers to not carry them away, just like they don’t take away pillows and blankets,” a official was quoted by Mumbai Mirror.

Senior divisional security commissioner, Sachin Bhalode has said that CCTV footage will be checked by the railway officials to catch the culprits.

“We, the Indian Railways, want to appeal to the people of India to use these facilities with a sense of responsibility. After all, the railways belong to us and not just the government,” Central Railway Public Relations Officer Narendra Patil has appealed to the public.

Tejas Express Facilities:

  • –       Cuisine curated by celebrity chefs
  • –       Tea and Coffee vending machines
  • –       Individual LCD screens
  • –       Bio-vacuum toilets
  • –       Sensorised taps
  • –       Hand driers
  • –       Wi-fi
  • –       Automatic doors
  • –       Secured gangway

Image credit: Indian Samvad