Study: Majority of people in Goan slums are migrants from Karnataka

Migrants from Karnataka make up the majority of the population in the 14 slums across Goa. Of them, majority are from the Lambani community. These facts have come to light in the study titled, ‘Walking the Tightrope -Exploitation of Migrant Children in Tourism in Goa’

These migrants hail from Karnataka’s districts of Gadag, Vijayapura, Belagavi, Bagalkot, Haveri and Dharwad.

Besides Karnataka, other states such as Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Maharashtra made second, third and fourth largest demographics living in slums. People from 15 other states of India and the neighbouring country of Nepal were also found living in slums.

A host of opportunities to earn a living has attracted these migrants to the state. The pay scale in the jobs undertaken here are higher than the ones offered back home.

Migrants from Karnataka usually engage in selling garments, working at construction sites and take up jobs n the Tourism sector of the state.

One of the reasons for migration is crop failures and poor compensation for it. Also, the pay offered under MNREGA scheme is lower than the salaries one would earn in Goa. Hence, they choose to come to Goa from Karnataka to work. Forecast of a better monsoon has given rise to hope that these people won’t have to migrate.

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