Goa might face a shortage of beef for the next few days

Due to the recent notification by the centre to ban the sale of cattle for slaughter through animal markets; Goa may face a shortage of beef soon. The state has not recieved any supply of animals from Karnataka for the past two days as the vehicles transporting the animals were not allowed to enter Goa and sent back.

There are currently about 45 animals at the Goa Meat Complex (state’s only abattoir) which may be enough stock for the next two days. The meat complex slaughters 25-30 animals daily to supply beef in Goa. The state recieves slaughter animals from animal fairs in Karnataka.

“This is a huge hit. We reached the border and then we were told. It was futile. We took our trucks back. We called the other traders who were half-way to other fairs beyond Belgaum and stopped them,” Anwar Bepari, president of the Qureshi Meat Traders Association was quoted by The Indian Express.

Traders are predicting the price of beef go up if the supply of animals is not restored. Demand for beef goes up during the month of Ramadan, when Muslims in the state break their day long fast with communal meals.

A shortage of beef will make many consumers to give up the meat for a while from their diet then pay a high price for it.