Secure your Messenger chats via Touch ID or e ID

Today’s morning, Facebook has announced adding a new privacy control feature to the Facebook Messenger. Initially, this is another app lock available for iOS devices where you can protect your private messenger chats. To protect your private conversations, the in-built iOS feature known as Face ID or Touch ID will be used. Facebook also mentioned that they are developing the new privacy feature where you may have control over your inbox and calls. Most of the iOS device user already knows that the company is testing the App Lock for individual apps. Still, there is no update regarding this App Lock launching. Facebook also said that they had provided this App Lock feature to a small percentage of Messenger users on iOS.

Facebook stated that the feature is now available on every iPhone and iPad user. It covers almost every iOS device with all the privacy features. The user may find these App Lock settings only where they mute stories or block users. A new option is added to the same place named Privacy Settings. Facebook is also planning to roll out for this privacy feature for android users.

The new feature added to the Facebook Messenger allows you to choose the main, who can directly text you in Inbox. Also, you can select any particular account and transfer it to the Facebook Message Request folder. It will allow the user to keep the Facebook Inbox more private than before. Moreover, you may also choose who can call you and vice-versa.

Facebook is planning to introduce the same feature, which is available on Instagram and Whatsapp. This new feature will not allow someone to view your profile image until you accept the request. The company is planning to introduce how to respond, block, report, or ignore the message buttons. However, the company has still not started testing this feature, but will soon.

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