Rs. 115 crores meant for infrastructure in mining areas unused

Mining forms operating in Goa began to contribute 30 per cent of their royalty in a special fund created by the Government after a directive from the Supreme court. However, the money from the fund which amounts to about Rs. 115 crores are yet to be utilised. The reason being the government is yet form a committee that will determine how the money will be spent. The funds are meant to create infrastructure in mining areas.

“The government has almost finalised the formation of the committee which is likely to be headed by the Mines Secretary. The composition of the committee is being worked out,” Mines and Geology Director Prasanna Acharya said in a PTI report.

He mentioned that the money from the fund won’t be diverted for any other activity. The schemes under the fund will be implemented by District collectors of North and South Goa as they are the nodal officers.

Image credit: The Hindu Business Line