Police interrogations Methods need to be Altered

When the globe was not suffering from the pandemic, and George Floyd was living his life to the fullest, the usual interrogations were reasonable and practical. But, after the attack of coronavirus, the police need to alter their investigation methods as interrogating with a stranger in an under-ventilated space can be infectious.

Due to the pandemic and the demise of George Floyd, which led to the Great Black Lives Matter revolution, the police are quickly optimizing their methods of interrogation across the United States of America. Most of the detectives in the Philippines, Miami, and numerous other states are altering their way of questioning. Now, they talk to the suspects in the parking lot or outside the police station, which seems not to be appropriate when you are trying to interrogate a suspect.

However, when the police need to interrogate the suspect further, they take them into the precincts, and people question from another room via certain video calling apps. These methods of interrogations are frustrating for the police. A police department is a social place where they hold their accountability to punish the lawless people.

In the altered interrogative way, the police need to record the interrogation as the judges and juries want to know that the confession obtained by the suspect was without any harm or force. Before, the police needed to create anxiety and fear in the minds of suscept and make them helpless to admit the crime and corner them, physically and psychologically.

A professor in psychology has said that the global pandemic may raise the tension between being objectively blamed and subjectively taken into custody to interrogate. Whereas, Lieutenant Michael Walek from Clearwater Department of Police informs the new technique to interrogate suspects. The police are taught to know the present facts, i.e., to tell the suspect that they were there around a specific time. As the police declare the statement, now they need to check the behavior of the suspect and detect numerous crimes.

However, these altered interrogative methods cannot be ultimate to find the criminal. The higher authorities must look accordingly to ease the pain of the police.

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