People violating the new plastic bag ban to be fined Rs.5,000

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has announced that from July plastic bags below 50 microns will be banned in Goa. He cited that the reason for the ban was to reduce the plastic pollution in the state. Goa has already banned plastic bag below 40 microns.

“We need to do away with plastic bags. From July onwards if we find anyone selling or buying plastic bags he will have to pay the fine,” Parrikar was quoted by PTI.

He further mentioned that initial fine imposed will be of Rs.500 bit depending on the success of the ban the fine may be increased to Rs.5000. “The fine won’t be a meagre amount. It will be hefty. It might be upto Rs 5,000 (each time). We might give some relaxation in the beginning in terms of the amount of fine, but we are strictly going to implement the ban,” he added.

He further mentioned that people need to stop the habit of dumping their garbage on the roadsides and adequate measures are being taken to tackle it.

“We have now provided work stations to collect garbage on the highways. I appeal to people to hand over their garbage at these work stations rather than just throwing it on the roadside,” Parrikar was quoted by PTI.

Image credit: Rodale’s organic life.