Peacock’s Android app is live on Google Play Store

Peacock’s Android application is live on the Play Store. The Google Play Store mess concealed it from the look.

Peacock’s Android application went live, yet was missing from Google Play Store look for quite a long time, confounding Peacock’s rollout with a significant promotion accomplice.

For the organization that rules search, Google muddled the Android application dispatch of Peacock, a spilling administration from Comcast’s NBCUniversal, Wednesday, when the Google Play Store neglected to show the application in list items for a significant part of the application’s dispatch day.

Android’s Peacock application distributed for the time being in the Google Play Store as arranged, and it was accessible to download on the off chance that you had a connection to discover it. In any case, the application wasn’t returned in Play Store scans for terms like “Peacock” or “Peacock TV” until Wednesday evening.

The Google Play Store disaster convoluted a significant advancement Peacock hit with Google, permitting any individual who bought into Peacock’s paid, premium level through a Google stage like Android to open an all-encompassing free preliminary.

Representatives for both Peacock and Google affirmed that the Peacock application distributed to the Google Play Store for the time being.

“We do not have control over when platforms release and surface the app to their users, but the app is now live,” Peacock’s spokeswoman said. “We have a large marketing and promotional plan with Google, which you will see across Google platforms starting today.”

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