Pay Parking To Be Implemented In 18 Locations Across Panaji

18 Locations Across Panaji to Implement Pay Parking System

All set to re-tender the pay parking work in the city, the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) has planned to cover a majority of the central Panaji area under pay parking system. There are 18 locations in the city that have been notified by the collector (North Goa) as pay parking zones.

Previously, only a few of the notified locations that is the busy 18th June Road and the Church Square, had the pay parking system implemented by the CCP.

Mayor Surendra Furtado, on Monday informed that since the agency previously employed by the corporation, M/s Straight Deal Services, failed to pay the due amount to the CCP, all the papers pertaining to re-tendering of pay parking work have been sent by him to the advocate of the city civic body.

“The advocate has plugged all the loopholes in this agreement and has made it foolproof with no room for any appointed agency to dupe the corporation,” he added.

He also informed that the tender for all 18 notified pay parking locations will be floated after the agreement and proposal for re-tendering is given clearance by the councillors in the forthcoming meeting of the council.

“Furthermore, I propose to seek bank guarantee from the agency, which would be awarded the said work, that would be equivalent to the entire amount of tender, so that if the agency fails to pay the decided amount to the CCP, then we can forfeit this entire bank guarantee amount,” he added. – Navhind Times

The pending dues that M/s Straight Deal Services owe to the corporation towards pay parking fee collection during 2016-2017, Furtado said, amount to Rs 30 lakh, which the agency have now agreed to pay.

Locations Under Pay Parking System in Panaji

  • 18th June Road (from Governador Pestana Road to Cunha Riviera Road)
  • Pandurang Pissurlekar Road (from A B Road to M G Road)
  • Elvinna Britto Road
  • Church Square
  • Lane between Cunha Riviera and Dr R S Road (between parks)
  • Dr R S Road and Cunha Riviera Road (between Church Square and Messias Gomes Road)
  • Messias Gomes Road (between Cunha Riviera and Dr R S Road)
  • T B Cunha Road (between M G Road and 18th June Road)
  • Menezes Braganza Road (between Dr Pandurang Pissurlekar Road and T B Cunha Road)
  • Antao de Noronha Road (between M G Road and T B Cunha Road near Café Bhosle)
  • Dr Govind Vaidya Road (between T B Cunha Road and Cunha Riviera Road)
  • Bhosle Square (between T B Cunha Road and Cunha Riviera Road)
  • General Bernardo Guedes Road
  • Governador Pestana Road
  • Caetano de Albuquerque Road
  • Dr Wolfango de Silva Road
  • Swami Vivekanand Road
  • Atmaram Borkar Road