Parrikar claims ‘girls drinking beer’ remark taken out of context


Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday clarified that his recent comment expressing fear about girls drinking beer was taken out of context on social media. He said that he was only expressing a worry.

Parrikar was trolled on social media after his comment went viral. Hashtag ‘GirlsWhoDrinkBeer’ became a trending topic on Twitter with many women and girls posting pictures with alcohol in their hands.

“I have only expressed my worry. I have said it is my worry, not even fear. It was not even fear, it was a worry. I can worry about even you people. For example, some newspapers have started to lay off reporters, it is my worry. Should I not worry?” Parrikar asked reporters.

“I am seeing on Facebook how my statement was twisted. If you want to decide and twist, then you can quote anything of a minister,” he added.

Parrikar also said that worry is different from fear, stopping or banning. “Worry is fundamental to every person. A person may even worry about climbing a ladder,” said the Chief Minister.

The CM was trolled on Saturday for his comment in which he said, “I have begun to fear now because even girls have started drinking beer. The tolerance limit is being crossed.”

Social media was buzzing, criticising Parrikar for his comment.


Information credit: ANI