Oppo triggers emotions to release 125W fast charging tech on 15 July

Oppo wants to release 125W fast charging technology on the 15t of July. The new technology is supposed to comfortably sit atop the maximum 65W chargers, which can fully charge the device in around 40 minutes. Oppo’s 125W charging technology will be the first in the industry to walk past the Xiaomi 100W charging tech, which is said to release in the last of this year.

However, Oppo is likely to release only the prototype version of the charging technology. The commercial version will come out later this year when Xiaomi will release the 100W fast charging technology for its smartphones. They are likely to launch the charging technology on 15 July via an online event. Moreover, the same technique might be used by the Realme company as both Oppo and Realme share the same technology to walk past competitors.

An earlier report suggests that Realme is working on its 100w fast charging technology, which can surely be one provided by Oppo. However, there is no data related to the working of 125W fast charging technology, but the operation of 100W fast charger is transparent.

The 100W fast charging technology by Realme will charge one-third of your smartphone’s battery in less than 3 minutes, which indicates that the battery will top in about 10 minutes only, according to an insider report from Ishan Agarwal. The working of the charger depends on factors like the processor.

The same is with the Xiaomi 100W fast charging technology. They have mentioned that the tech would charge the device in around 17 minutes, which is approximately half the time taken by 65W fast charging technology.

Whatever be the scenario, the 125W fast charging technology by Oppo is set to create a new benchmark in the mobile phone industry.

Many other reports have suggested Samsung is also considering evolving its working, but it is too early to consider this possibility.

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