NOC from Department of Agriculture Required to Cut Coconut Palms

The government passed a new order on 26 July, 2016, that states that any farmer intending to cut a coconut palm for the purpose of replanting or to have a new plantation is required to obtain a “No Objection Certificate” from the Agriculture Department as coconut is a horticulture crop.

However, the Director of Agriculture has the jurisdiction to approve NOC for cutting or replanting of upto 10 coconut trees only. If a farmer wants to cut or replant more than 10 coconut trees then the approval of the Government and an Expert Committee is required.

Procedure for application for cutting of Coconut Palms

⦁ Any farmer intending to cut a Coconut Palm for re-planting or new plantation will apply to the respective Zonal Agriculture Officer giving details of Krishi Card or proof of land holding.

⦁ Zonal Agriculture Officer will inspect and issue “No Objection Certificate” within his powers or recommend to Director of Agriculture if beyond his powers for action.

⦁ Director of Agriculture will issue the “No Objection Certificate” within his powers after carrying out due inspection.

⦁ Coconut Palms more than ten will be placed before the Expert Committee periodically for recommendation to the Government.


Written by Kaushal Bathia