Comparing the previous Samsung phones, the performance of Samsung galaxy devices is increasing day by day. The galaxy m series is proven one of the most successful phones of the Samsung brand. Samsung introduced the Galaxy M series last year to complete a bid more effectively against Xiaomi and Vivo mid-range market mobile phones.

The users have liked the Galaxy M series and opened their wallets for the M series devices. Samsung has recently popularized that the Galaxy M series will be better and cheaper from the previous ones. Launching new devices in the Galaxy M series would be done in the second half of the year. Samsung has a clear view of the Galaxy M series handsets as they were developed for young Indian millennials. Samsung closely observed the specs features and pricing before manufacturing the Galaxy M series in India itself.

Initially, Samsung sold the Galaxy M series devices online. The most famous device of Galaxy M series is Galaxy M30, which has performed well. With the help of the Galaxy M series handsets, Samsung was able to regain its share of online sales in India. Samsung also sold x Galaxy M series devices through retailers. But the quantity provided to retailers was limited.

The new device of the Galaxy M series that is Galaxy M21, also performed very well. Keeping all this in mind, Samsung has decided to launch more M series devices. Asim Warsi, the Senior Vice President of Samsung India, announced to launch more quality devices in the second half of the year. He said, “We will make sure that these new models are founded on forward-looking consumer insights that will pack-in the sort of powerful features that only the’ series has come to stand for in the industry,”

The new models of Samsung ready for the younger customers with the price below Rs. 10000. Also, there would be some phones that will be not more than Rs. 20000 for those who want more features and can invest some more money.

According to the information leaked, Samsung is going to launch Galaxy M41 in the second half of the year. Galaxy M41 is expected with a large battery of 7000 mAh. This would be the highest battery ever in Samsung Galaxy devices. It is also a rumored date the Galaxy M51 will have the star OLED panel. Introducing OLED panel in the M series clearly states that Samsung is offering smartphones with LED panels at a meager price.
After knowing so much about the updates coming from Samsung, Galaxy M fans have a lot to be excited about.

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