The world is quite aware of the cowardly attack done by the Chinese troops over Unarmed Indian Soldiers over the claim of Galwan Valley. The United States of America has declared in the global world that they stand with India if things went on the wrong side.

The Two US Aircraft carriers were sent to the South China sea to cover the Chinese Navy from attacking the Indian Navy. However, the Indian Navy stands firm in its regions.

Two US aircraft conducted an exercise in South China to infiltrate the Chinese. However, Chinese troops also led to an activity that was criticized by various countries.

The exercises were done not to open interpretation signals to partners and allies that the US is committed to regional security. China accused the United States of America of proking and increasing tensions on the Sea. However, the US straightforward said the claims were false as it was just an exercise.

Oil and Gas Reserves

The commander of the Ronald Reagan claimed that these exercises were not in the account of Chinese practice which took place from July 1st.
Furthermore. China blamed for the rise of increasing tensions overseas and causing alarming state for the neighboring countries,

China had already announced the exercise dates, which were to take action from July 1st near Paracel Island. Both Vietnam and China claim Paracel Island. This gave rise to the criticism of China by the Philippines and Vietnam.

The Chinese drills were criticized enough by Vietnam and the Philippines that gave a chance to the US to claim China is intimidating the neighboring countries to exploit their oil and gas reserves.

More than 1500km of the South China Sea is claimed by China through which it gains over 3 trillion dollars of trade exports. There are more than five countries that lay claim over parts of the South China Sea but are dismissed again and again over the flexibility and commanding needs that China can offer to the US and other neighboring countries can’t.

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