Michael Lobo: No Beef politics, no rave parties in Goa

no beef politics in Goa

Deputy speaker Michael Lobo while addressing the media at the BJP headquarters on April 11, 2017 has said that the issue of beef politics would never come up in Goa. He also said, “Rave parties are not happening in Goa right now.”

“Beef politics is not in Goa,” said Lobo

Lobo has stated that the state will not witness beef politics (issue surrounding beef ban). He went on to say that a substantial number of the population is of the minority community and beef has always been a part of their culinary heritage.

While replying to a question on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s demand for banning cow slaughter across the country, Lobo stated that there was a ban already in place. “The ban was brought during the Congress rule”, he added.

Rave parties in Goa

Lobo commenting on Rave parties (an issue highlighted by WRD Minister Vinod Palyekar ), said Lobo said that there were no rave parties held in Goa. Lobo also mentioned that drug trade can be stopped, however, that depends on the local MLAs, police inspectors and others.

According to Lobo, music is synonymous to the state and if controlled to the permissible decibel levels decided by the law, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Image credit: India Today