Why Michael Lobo is the ‘King maker’ and not Vijay Sardessai

Vijay Sardessai is considered to be the king maker in the Recently concluded assembly election. However, it is alleged that Calangute MLA Michael Lobo of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) may have something to do with the Goa Forward Party’s (GFP) win in the Saligao constituency. Effectively making him responsible for costing the BJP a seat and at the same time stitching together a BJP-GFP alliance.

Covert operation or a surgical strike?

It has been alleged that Lobo had supported GFP candidate Jayesh Salgaonkar in Saligao constituency by giving him a war chest and also men to fight the elections. It is considered to be a well known fact in both the BJP and GFP camp in Saligao.

No matter how far fetched it may sound, it is important to remember that former Saligao MLA Dilip Parulekar and Lobo were often at logger heads, except that one time when they came together to set up the Municipal waste treatment plant in Saligao.

Hint of a mischief

Lobo’s statement on the eve of the counting day that the BJP will form the next government in alliance with the GFP was picked by this writer as a first hint towards the claim made in this opinion piece. Second hint was when Lobo along with Siolim MLA Vinod Palyekar went to Vijay Sardessai’s house on March 12 and drove him back to a prominent hotel in Dona Paula for negotiations.

Later news reports had come out stating that it was Michael Lobo who played a crucial role in the coalition government formation. There are rumours alleging that Lobo may have played a role in GFP’s win in Saligao as well but it could not be confirmed whether it is true or not.

It seems without Lobo’s alleged intervention in Saligao, things might have spanned out differently for the GFP. Making Lobo a king maker or at least king maker maker.

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Image credit: The Goan