MGP’s Roar on the Road to Assembly Elections 2017

In the anticipation of the Goa assembly elections 2017, analysts and journalists are screening all political developments through the magnifying glass. With a probable anti-incumbency that the ruling party (BJP) may face, decisions and choices of its coalition partner (MGP) may be detrimental for them.

MGP: We can be Self-Sufficient

Replying to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s warning to MGP on its wavering stance on the coalition and Mauvin Godinho’s accusation of MGP living off of the power of BJP; the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) stated that they have two to three plans ready for contesting this election.

Member of the party’s central committee, Narayan Sawant said that due to the various statements and counter-statements that are being made on the MGP-BJP alliance for the 2017 elections, the party members are confused. “And therefore, to pacify them, we have already conveyed to them our two to three plans pertaining to the particular election,” he continued, implying that with the elections in sight the probability that the ruling party has begun keeping MGP on a short leash.

The two to three plans were not revealed, however Sawant did say that while the MGP is keen to continue its alliance with the BJP for the 2017 state assembly election, it could also think about facing the polls, independently. Adding a more practical note on the ‘winnability’ of each candidate he said, “But then it would also be not adequate to spend our energy in all 40 constituencies, if we can tie-up with the BJP.”

Mentioning the hiatus on talks between leaders till the passing of the inauspicious ‘Mhal’ period he further informed, “Although the MGP has demanded 14 seats under seat-sharing arrangement with the BJP, this number could increase to 16 or come down to 12.”

MGP wants Dabolim and Bicholim

Once again during an interaction, PWD minister repeated that the Dabolim seat would not be compromised under any circumstance at the same time they will continue their alliance with BJP. This is going against BJP’s plan to seize Dabolim to accommodate sitting MLA Mauvin coming from the Congress.

The MGP in the case of Bicholim is doing the same as BJP intends to do with Dabolim. In order to accommodate MLA Naresh Sawal, who PWD minister Sudin Dhavalikar publicly welcomed to join the MGP, the party members have said they would insist on getting Bicholim seat.

While MGP had lost Dabolim seat in 2012 to Mauvin, the BJP had lost Bicholim to Sawal.


It should also be noted that the party in question is also still in touch with Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch, who have appealed for them to break their alliance with BJP by September 30. There seems to be no indication on the part of MGP to do so.

BBSM coordinator and RSS leader Subhash Velingkar has said that the formal announcement of their new party will be made on October 2. They plan to contest 38 out of 40 seats, if the MGP does not respond to their public appeal.