Meat Sellers in Mapusa seeking Alternative

Vendors running beef and pork shops in the Mapusa Market are calling out to the municipal council to make alternative arrangements for their shops or quickly fix the 20-year old structure (where they have their shops) that is in a state of ruin.

Arrangements were made to accommodate fish, chicken, mutton, beef and pork vendors when the new fish and meat complex was constructed, but due to incompatibility reasons beef and pork vendors refused to shift to the new premise.

The new complex since its inauguration is completed over two years and the previous location, utilized by the beef and pork vendors is in shambles.

As reported by Navhind Times

Beef and pork vendors claim that it was not possible to run the shops from the first floor, as large quantity of meat needs to be moved in every day. They also claimed that the size of shops was very small.

The asphalt roofing of a few shops has been removed, and due to this, rainwater directly seeps into the walls and pillars of the building thereby weakening it further.

Those operating business in the ground floor shops are facing hardships as the plaster is falling off the ceiling and mould has grown on the walls.


The Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) chairperson, Sandip Faliri stated that they have permitted the vendors to operate from the old building because of a lack of an alternative, but insisted that repairs will need to be immediate as the building has outlived its life.