Joseph Silva Asks Govt. To Arrest Vijai Sardesai

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On Thursday, president of the Fatorda Block Congress Committee (FBCC), Joseph Silva, called out to the Goa BJP government to send Fatorda’s independent MLA, Vijai Sardesai behind bars. He accused the Fatorda MLA of being guilty for the ‘death’ of transplanted coconut trees near South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA) wholesale fish market in Margao.

Silva informed that the coconut trees were removed, by the orders of Sardesai, from the Tolleabandh ward and later had them transplanted. He said that the agriculture graduate MLA should have had some knowledge before undertaking such a futile exercise.

Explaining the situation and replying to the accusation, Vijai Sardesai said, “as an agriculture graduate, I can tell you that a coconut tree is dead only when it falls to the ground. Maybe they are wishing for the premature death of the trees.”