India’s Prime Minister and Google’s CEO discuss Data Security

On Monday. on the 13th of July, PM Narender Modi and Google’s CEO, Sunder Pichai, had a tremendous comprehensive talk in which they discussed various issues on data security and privacy measures to eradicate the specific problems. They also talked about the ways to transform technology for the well being of farmers and numerous methods to expand online education.

The data provided by the Prime Minister’s office also declared that during the virtual discussion between PM Narender Modi and Sunder Pichai also spoke about the new work culture emerging in the situation of COVID19.

The had an essential discussion over challenges brought up by the pandemic in different sectors of operations such as sports, theatre, and socially active places. In his(PM) tweet, he spoke about the discussion that took place between him and Sunder Pichai. PM Narender Modi mentioned, “ We spoke of a wide range of subjects that required new and improved technology to employ youngsters, benefit farmers and give innovative ideas to the emerging entrepreneurs of the country.”

The series of second tweets by Prime Minister Narender Modi showed a discussion that took place to empower a new emerging work environment across the country during the pandemic of COVID19. According to the details informed by the PMO, Modi also had an intense discussion over improving health service across the country and providing new and improved facilities to overcome sickness.

While PM Narender Modi discussed that India is one of the most open economies in the world and the government should take logical steps to reform agriculture and create jobs for youngsters with creating importance for learning new skills, Modi also appreciated Google for providing proper information about the virus and stopping the misleading information that could have depleted the society.

More further discussion took place where Sundar Pichai briefed that they are planning to invest more than 75000 crore rupees on the digitization of the country. The planned investment is said to take place in the next 5-7 years.

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