India-US working together to diagnose COVID19.

White House Washington reports that India and the United States of America are working closely to develop the aid for coronavirus infection. During the long and extravagant spread of Coronavirus, both the countries are struck equally and need to cooperate in developing the vaccine.

According to the Ambassador, Taranjit Singh Sandhu’s statement, both the countries are working together to develop the COVID19 vaccine and flourishing partnership in various sectors of life, health, and economics. He( Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu) claims that the work of allied nations can restore the entire world, back to its normal stage.

While the ongoing pandemic, the Indian American community sitting in the western part of the US, had an exclusive virtual meet with the Indian Ambassador, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, who said that we are closely working as a team to develop the cure that will help the entire world. Moreover, the network of scientific institutions from India and the United States of America is firmly in touch to share and collect information about the infection and the cure.

Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu also said that the forces of allied nations are collaborating with various Indian pharmaceutical companies to manufacture and distribute Remde Sivir, which is known as a possible cure for treating Coronavirus. He said that India had been a great support to 150 countries from sending medicines for treatment to providing equipment for better healing.

India and US collaboration can be the stepping stone for life science, economics, and health development for the entire world.
The Ambassador claims that we are well prepared to deal with the situation and overcome it. However, the number of increasing infections is a big concern. The early lockdown helped India to delay the spread of the virus, but now the situation seems to grow exponentially.

Fortunately, the India-US relationship has made things a bit clear. Both the nations working together for the good of humanity can undoubtedly aid the world. The helping nature of India and the supportive attitude of the US towards India has provided India to display a positive image over the world, said the Indian Ambassador.

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