Harvest Feast of Goa

The onset of monsoon season in the state brings with it the lush beauty and a blanket of greenery that settles over nature. It is also a time when the farmers toil on their land so they may reap a bountiful harvest. All the hard work and efforts put in finally reap a good harvest which is then celebrated as a feast.

When is the Harvest feast?

In the state of Goa, the  feast is celebrated on various days, and there lies a peculiar history behind the dates.  The first village in Goa to celebrated the harvest feast is Raia on August 5 and they also celebrate the feast of the church patron, Our Lady of Snows on the same day. The following day, the villages of Aldona and Salvador do Mundo celebrate it on August 6. These parishes also celebrate the feast of their patron saint on the same day which is feast of Transfiguration of Jesus and feast of Saviour of the World respectively.

The Tiswadi taluka celebrates the feast on  August 24, except the village of Taleigão which celebrates it on August 21. The rest of the villages celebrate the feast on the Sunday following August 24.

Tales behind the day

So why is it that Taleigão has an opportunity to celebrate the feast before the other villages? The answer lies in the kind and helpful attitude of the Taleigão village folk. In March, 1510, Albuquerque has conquered Goa, but his victory did not last for long. Adil Shah returned with a large army and conquered back Goa, leaving Albuquerque and his army stranded at present day Britona. Here, the Portuguese fleet was left starving and even ate mice as a last resort. The  Taleigão village folk risked their lives and traveled by boats to provide ration to the Portuguese. this noble gesture was rewarded by Albuquerque, when he re-conquered Goa a few months later, and gave the village of Taleigão the privilege of reaping the new paddy crop.

Cuisine for the day

Since the feats is all about the harvest of the new rice crop, the dishes of the day will obviously feature rice as a main ingredient. Apart from the tasty buffet prepared, the dishes of the day include sweet dishes such as Duddache fov and Goddache fov.

  • Duddache fov– Flat rice or fov are prepared by using milk. thus it gets the name Duddache fov.
  • Goddache fov- Flat rice or fov is mixed with coconut kernel scrappings and jaggery. This sweet dish is enjoyed by people of all age groups.

Picture credit: Goa Tourism