GSM Warned Against MGP Alliance

President of the Goa Praja Party (GPP) Pandurang Raut, who are already in alliance with Goa’s rebel RSS Prant Goa Suraksha Manch (GSM), has asked them to carefully weigh the pros and cons before finalizing its alliance with Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) to contest in 2017 assembly elections.

Raut spoke to an English daily in Goa and said that MGP was a part of Congress-led coalition government when the decision to extend the grant-in-aid to English-medium schools was taken and was also part of the BJP government that decided to continue that grant to the English medium schools. Warning GSM against having an alliance with MGP.

“I will request RSS Goa prant chief Subhash Velingkar not to have ties with MGP, as they were part of the decision taken by both Congress and BJP,” he said.

“I hope Velingkar will keep his word given to me that I will be allowed to contest as a GSM-GPP alliance candidate. Even if GSM-MGP form an alliance and MGP is allowed to field a candidate in Bicholim, I will contest the Bicholim seat,” Raut said, when asked whether he will still contest from Bicholim if the GSM gives the Bicholim seat to MGP. – TOI

Reminding that GPP formed an alliance with GSM first and it was followed by Shiv Sena and then MGP, further saying the MGP “has been trying to get all seats including Bicholim”, where his name was announced as an alliance candidate.

GSM and MGP’s alliance is recently formed. However, despite Raut’s name was announced as alliance candidate, no decision has so far been taken on the Bicholim seat.

MLA Naresh Sawal in Bicholim has shared his intention to contest in Bicholim under the MGP ticket and the MGP has already cleared its intention to field independent MLA Naresh Sawal in the Bicholim constituency.