Goa Govt encourages farmers to cultivate medicinal plants in the Western ghat regions

A scheme notified by Goa’s agriculture department yesterday for the farmers living in the forests of Western Ghats aims to encourage cultivation of medicinal plants, fruit and forest trees etc. The scheme covers farmers living in Canacona, Dharbandora and Sattari talukas.

“The Western Ghat Development Programme scheme aims to encourage cultivation of different species of plants especially medicinal, fruit and forest trees and to explore their use for commercial purpose,” an official was quoted by PTI.

Goas agriculture director Ulhas Kakode told PTI that through this scheme the department also aimed to develop soil and water conservation system in the western ghats. The region is an ecologically very important area.

Kakode further informed that farmers living in these forests who are landless will receive an opportunity for a sustainable employment under the scheme. Training programs and knowledge about new technologies in the agriculture will be provided for the farmers under the scheme

“Assistance of 10 per cent of the evaluated cost of various soil and water conservation structure shall be provided to the beneficiary for maintenance of old structures constructed during the previous year,” the notification reads.

Information credit: PTI

Image credit: The Financial Express