Governor’s Message On Goa’s Liberation Day

On this prominent day for Goa, the Governor Mridula Sinha has sent out a message to commit and encourage the State’s move towards becoming a cashless society and maintaining the integrity, tranquillity and peace in the State.

“As you are aware, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a mission for cashless society. In this mission, the Government of Goa is totally determined. I wish to appeal to all Goans to give their total commitment to State Government and Central Government,” the Governor said while extending Liberation Day greetings. – Herald

Stating that the country is heading towards various vistas of development, Sinha said, “In this challenging situation, every State should shoulder its responsibility and help the Central government. The development and progress of any State is also the progress of the country.”

She also expressed her joy over the proper law and order, peace and tranquillity that is being maintained by the State, at the same time stressed upon the need to reduce crime. “The law and order maintaining agencies need to be focused to curb anti-social and law violators with all might at their disposal,” she said.

“I also appeal to people in the State to support the government in maintaining peace and law and order in the State. We have to preserve the ideals of social, cultural and moral values which Goa is famous for and try to maintain them at all cost,” Governor added.

Concluding with the speaking about the attacks on the borders being an issue of concern and urged the people to rise above petty differences and to usher in nationalism, confidence and national consciousness.

 Image Credits: One India