Goa government reveals start-up policy, aims to be top start-up destination in Asia by 2025

start-up policy for Goa approved by the cabinet

Goa government has unveiled a new start-up policy for the state. It was approved by the cabinet on Wednesday and is aimed at making Goa Asia’s top start-up destination by 2025.

Information Technology Minister Rohan Khaunte informed the reporters at the state Secretariat that the objective behind the policy is to stop the brain drain from Goa. Create jobs givers and instead of job seekers.

“The Cabinet has approved the start-up policy. The whole idea is to create start-ups. We want to ensure that those passing out from Goa’s educational institutions should not leave the state,” Khaunte was quoted by IANS.

“We want to create a start-up culture where youth become job givers and not job seekers,” he said.

According to the IT Minister, the policy aims at starting incubation centres and the areas of focus are artificial intelligence, robotics and others. Around 2,00,000 lakh sq ft area is aimed by the policy to be developed for technology innovation and incubation centre.

“We want Goa to be known as a top start-up destination in Asia by 2025,” the Minister said. He further added that the target for the government was to enable local start-ups to create at least 100 early stage ventures in the next five years and a target to generate 5000 jobs for the locals.

“The scheme has been formulated by talking to people in the industry. It is an industry-friendly scheme,” he said.

Information credit: IANS

Image credit: Twitter