Government plans to invest in mining corridors to decongest main roads in Goa

mining corridor

The Goa government is currently planning to build dedicated mining corridors in Goa in the next three years that will be used by trucks to transport ore from mining areas to the jetties. The corridors have been demanded by locals of Goa’s mining belt. It is claimed that these corridors will not only help in easing the traffic on the main roads but also decrease the dust pollution.

“A network of roads across the state has been planned so that the trucks avoid the main roads while transporting the iron ore from mining leases to jetties on the river fronts,” said Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) Chairman Deepak Pauskar in a PTI report.

GSIDC is the nodal agency for the project. Pausker further mentioned that work on the mining corridor will begin after the upcoming monsoon season. “You can’t work during the monsoons. That is why we will start the work on it only after the rains,” he was quoted by PTI.

He said that the GSIDC before constructing the project will first do a feasibility study. “We have to take into account the operations of mining leases. In certain places like Tilamol and Rivona in South Goa, several mines have not commenced operations. Hence, it won’t be feasible enough to invest and build corridors there,” he said.

The project will be funded from the district mineral funds. “Of the total district mineral fund, 10 per cent would be diverted towards the construction of these mining corridors,” Pauskar said.

From the total royalty collected from mining firms, 30 per cent is deposited in the district mineral fund. Recently, news reports had suggested that money from the fund was not used since the government is yet to constitute a committee to decide how to spend the money. The money is meant for building infrastructure in the mining belt.