Goa’s e-Krishi Project Gets Evergreen Revolution Award

e-Krishi Project Department of Agriculture

The recent e-Krishi project launched by Goa’s Department of Agriculture has been awarded gold category for SKOCH evergreen revolution award 2017. A comprehensive e-governance initiative, the e-Krishi project offers one time registration of farmers and provides them with a smart identity card.

“This project is one of its kind in India which offers all its services online and hence government of India recognized and shortlisted it for national e-governance awards under the government process re-engineering category,” an agriculture official said. – TNN

Benefits of Card

  • Act as a database to retrieve complete details of farmer including biometric identification, land records, agricultural / dairy assets, crop details, demographics and subsidy transactions.
  • Entitle farmers to an agricultural loan @ 1% depending on their land holdings. The loan will be available through financial institutions empanelled by the government to farmers up to Rs 30,000 per annum owning minimum one-hectare land.
  • It will help the agriculture department to maintain a single copy of all documents pertaining to a farmer, which can be referred across all applicable schemes. As a result, it’ll make the process faster, efficient and useful for Government to monitor the utilization of funds for all schemes.
  • The card can also be linked with Aadhar Card.

e-Krishi Concept

Parrikar conceived the concept of this project in 2013, wherein all farmers of Goa would be registered and be provided with a smart card. The smart card would empower the farmers to apply for all schemes provided by the agriculture department with minimum paperwork as all the documents have been scanned and digitized under the project.

Schemes available for farmers are available on their website and the entire processing of the application is carried in an online fashion within the department, so as to reduce the time taken of the process to a minimum.

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar received the SKOCH award by the hands of Director of Agriculture, Ulhas Pai Kakode.

Image Credit: http://www.geleservices.com