Goa’s Burning Issue

The National Green Tribunal had raised questions on the enforcement of the respective authorities of Goa in December 2016 on the matter of burning of open waste in the state. Cases of fires spreading due to the burning of open waste have become a major problem.

Fire personnel were sent rushing to two garbage fires in the city in the late evening on Thursday and another one on Friday.

Avertino Miranda of the Green Goa Brigade said, “Fire to the dry waste of branches mixed with plastic shows it is done as a means of disposal.” – TNN

Trees nearby the burning wastes are have the danger of burning because of it. Several such instances of the trees catching fire because of this practice have been averted due to the fire service personnel’s arrival on the right time.

Finding of the remains of burnt plastic on the same spot indicate that burning garbage took place at an earlier occasion as well. A fire tender, on Friday evening, was seen rushing to put off another fire of mixed waste at a football stadium near Kala Academy at Campal.

Other towns in the state have reported similar incidents and citizens allege that it is the municipal workers that are setting the fires giving least regard to the NGT ban, and even the authorities have adopted a lax attitude to this issue.

A official from the Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) stated that the local self-governing bodies should monitor the scene within their jurisdiction as they have been informed to control the burning of waste.

Image Credits: The Yoga Nomads