Goan minor girls lost in the jungle found by Belagavi forest officials

Goan trekkers lost in jungle Belgavi foresters

An ordeal that began on Monday finally climaxed on Tuesday morning when seven minor girls and a brother from a church were found after being lost in the jungle. The group of girls had to spend the night in the forest and were found at 10 am on Tuesday by foresters from Belagavi

The girls were initially accompanied by their parents on the trek at Chorla ghat. The parents after getting tired returned to their parked vehicles while the girls accompanied by the brother continue to trek. The group entered deep into the forest and lost their bearings. They could not find their way back to their parents.

The parents got worried and informed the Goa police and the forest department about the matter. The Goan authorities soon alerted the Belagavi Forest Department. Foresters from both the states began combing the jungle to locate the lost trekkers.

The group was located by Belagavi foresters on Karnataka’s side of the jungle at Kankumbi. They were medically examined and later handed over to Goa police. The group is now safe. A case has been registered against the trekkers since they have violated the law by entering the jungle without taking appropriate permission from the forest department.

Information credit: The New Indian Express and Prudent Media.

Image credit: Prudent media.